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From: Lael Stalnaker
Subject: Fantasy in Smoke and Wind He chose his mountain perch for its commanding view and
its swirling eddies of swift wind. Beams of golden sunlight
shift through roiling gray clouds. The folds of his plain
robe sway and occasionally whip around his ankles. Various
pouches lie in rows near to hand. A deep-sided charcoal brazier rests on the ground at his
right side. The rows of supplies sit to his left. His eyes
watch the play of morning light battling what may soon be
storm clouds. A faint trace of a smile plays over his lips
as he gracefully lowers himself into a comfortable kneeling
position. The wind gusts up over the ridge and swirls
around him. His eyes close for a moment as he savors the caress of
the moisture laden air over his face. His hair lifts and
drops around his neck and ears. The brief meditation
completed, the man's hands lift from his lap and hover over
the brazier. A flash of light and the charcoal ignites. The
smoke coils up and is grabbed by the moving air. The wind
shifts in now spinning in place on the other side lolitas teen porn tgp of the
blazing charcoal.He smiles again and then shifts so that he faces the swirl
of smoke. The charcoal quickly heats and the smoke fades.
Before the last trace dissipates, the kneeling man begins
to whistle a haunting melody. His hand reaches behind him
and lifts a pouch. Still whistling, he removes a pinch of
cedar and drops it to the embers. The sweet scent rises and
then is taken in the whirling air.Sage follows the cedar, then lavender. Next rose petals,
then rosemary. Onto sandalwood and copal, then to amber.
All the while, the clouds collide and tumble. The sun's
light fades to twilight. Each ingredient's smoke and scent
builds on the next. The whistled tune changes with each
addition to the coals. With each change of sound and scent,
the smoke filled air changes form. The whirling air has begun to change as it draws more
scented smoke into its center. A spinning column coalesces
from the fragrant haze. With each note of the whistled
song, the column changes. Soon a human figure is visible.
The air movement slows, showing the effect of smoke and
sound combined. A nude male figure has spun into being. The robed man
watches with pleasure as his ideal takes shape before him.
The tune ends and the living man rises to his feet
smoothly. The still moving air draws in the last of the
sacred smoke. The ideal is now fully formed, complete in
every detail, save one. The robed man plucks a single hair
from his scalp and lowers it carefully to the dying embers
in the brazier. It flashes and is gone. The thinnest trace
of vapor lifts. It is taken by the wind and pulled into the
still form at its japan lolit nude model center. Gray eyes open and the nude chest begins to rise and
fall. The smoke seems solid now, a pale body with silver-
gold hair in the appropriate places. The air circling has
faded to the merest breath yet continues still. A pale hand stretches out toward its maker as the arm
lifts it. It beckons the robed man closer. The robed man is
dazzled by the physical embodiment of his ideal. He never
thought to see him anywhere but within his mind's eye. He
steps around the brazier and reaches out with his own hand. Gray eyes and brown lock. Volumes are spoken in that
brief eternity. Brown eyes mist with unshed tears. Two
hands touch, gently tenderly. The robed man's breath
catches in his chest as the nude man pulls him closer. The
robed man's hand is placed on the naked chest. He feels a
single heart beat before disaster. His body blocked the air
flowing around the other. As the air did out, the nude
man's form simply fell apart. A tear slides down the robed man's cheek as he russian underage lolita models stares
down at the tiny pile of ash at his feet. A faint trace of
the same ash covers little tiny lola pussy his hand. As he watches, the on-coming
storm breaks over the mountain crest. Lightning flashes and thunder cracks as a fierce wind
sweeps the ridge. The ash is lifted and scatters, gone
forever. His ideal is now no more than dust on the wind and
a memory in his heart. He imagines that single heart beat
beneath his fingers and smiles. It was an ideal worth
working for.
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